MSI GP65 Leopard vs. Razer Blade 15

MSI GP65 Leopard vs. Razer Blade 15: The Much Anticipated Face-Off is here

As we know, comparing two gaming laptops is never easy as it becomes important to pit every attribute against each other. Plus, not every laptop scores well in every department and we need to choose one that strikes the perfect balance without performing badly in any given aspect. Considering the current wave of popularity surrounding gaming …

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clean a laptop screen

Best Ways to Clean a Laptop Screen: Prepare for Dirt, Dust, Oil, and more!

A laptop, like any other electronic gadget, is bound to get dirty. While the chassis, trackpad, and even the keyboard need to be cleaned with care and utmost precision, you need to be more aware when it comes to removing the screen distractions. Regardless of the type, every laptop requires screen cleaning at some point. However, for convertibles …

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 vs. HP Spectre x360 13: Engineering Marvels Pitted against Each Other

Gadget comparisons can be monotonous as reviewers often resort to gibberish for putting forth their points. Despite the formulaic approach to comparisons, not every day do we get laptops that keep outperforming each other in select segments, thereby strong-arming us into changing loyalties, at every instant! This is why comparing the Surface Laptop 3 and the …

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