About Us

We bring you a valuable review on every tech product, be it a laptop, headphones, Bluetooth devices or any tech product that is released in the market. The review will be genuine and gives valuable insights to the customers who want to buy the product. We bring you the best tech products with honest reviews composed by our experts after using the product extensively. We did not just give the pros, but also the cons with pride. Our reviews can help the buyer choose the right product that serves their purpose while assisting them in making a wise decision. We never let you invest in the product that is not suitable for your needs. Our reviews will guide you in buying the right one that is worth the value.

How the idea of writing reviews on tech products conceived?

I mostly order things online, be it the electronic gadget or the groceries. For me, Amazon is the one-stop destination to buy all the products that I need in an instant. Whenever I plan to buy a pair of headsets or laptop or any other tech product, I would go through the reviews of a couple of sites on the product I am planning to buy. The process is tedious and time-consuming.

Also, I look for the best products that have good ratings on Amazon. I go through 10 to 11 models, read their features, price and other factors before buying. Buyers skim through the reviews that are available for the product at the end of the page. However, I found the reviews to be not so useful. So, again I have to go through Google to find the reviews for the model I would want to buy and are given by experts.

I am never happy with the reviews that are given on the product, and most of them found to be paid reviews, which are too good to trust upon. Few of the reviews are tough to understand due to broken English. The reviewers get paid for writing a positive review of the product. They do not feel or experience the features of the product. They blindly Google and find some information that is given by other users and rephrase it.

I’m Kevin Murphy, a technical nerd and an enthusiast who look for solutions where there is a problem. I always had a void of not finding a reliable review site. I discussed with the team and industry experts to find a solution to the problem.

Now, I decided to start a website where I can share an unbiased review of the product after using it thoroughly. Our review site will help the buyers to make a smart decision of buying the product that suits their needs. We are unlike the other review blogs that are available in the virtual world who work for a commission. We formed a team of experts who will use the product and its features thoroughly and write a review that is 100% authentic and trustworthy. We want to grow as the website which offers genuine reviews on any tech product. Our platform must be the go-to place for a buyer who is planning to buy any tech product in the future without a second thought. Our efforts are worth it if we can help the maximum number of buyers in taking the right decision while buying a product.

How do we function?

Our team of tech enthusiasts will buy the product, use and rigorously test the product and jot down the pros and cons that they observed while using it. The points are sent to the content writers’ team who will write the review adding fun elements to make the review exciting yet informative. We thoroughly proofread and publish the review for buyers to read and take a decision.

When customers land on our website to find the product review on a particular model of a laptop, we present them with the pros and cons of the product and let them take an informed decision that let them spend their valuable money on the right product.

What do we promise?

Though we have to monetize the website, our product reviews will be genuine. The commission we get for writing the review would not take a toll on the analysis and review of the product.

We are different. We publish only legitimate reviews on various tech products.