clean a laptop screen

Best Ways to Clean a Laptop Screen: Prepare for Dirt, Dust, Oil, and more!

A laptop, like any other electronic gadget, is bound to get dirty. While the chassis, trackpad, and even the keyboard need to be cleaned with care and utmost precision, you need to be more aware when it comes to removing the screen distractions. Regardless of the type, every laptop requires screen cleaning at some point. However, for convertibles …

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Best Practices to Care for your Laptop Battery

Best Practices to Care for your Laptop Battery and Help Extend its Life- 5th one is Truly Innovative!

Batteries often turn up as the deciding factor during laptop purchases. While manufacturers might promise a certain ballpark for the backup, i.e. something close to 7 hours for the famed Acer Predator Helios 300, the extracted autonomy often depends on the usage patterns of the concerned user. While battery health and longevity were easier to monitor …

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laptop trends

5 Exciting Laptop Trends that are expected to Grow Big in 2021: 4th One will Change your Perceptions!

Any Stranger Things fan reading this exciting piece! If yes, consider 2021 to be the year where the laptop market assumes a humongous shape, similar to The Mind Flayer in Season 3. However, even if you aren’t into Stranger Things, expect the current year to be a path-breaking one in regards to laptop innovation, with certain …

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