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CIEM Solutions: Different Uses and Advantages

When you’re looking to take your organization to the next level, there’s no better option than migrating to a cloud platform. Not only is it the perfect way to ensure that security is enhanced, but your data can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

However, when you find the right cloud platform, the process doesn’t just stop there. When you want to do everything the right way from the start, you have to ensure that you’re also considering all possible CIEM solutions

How Can You Utilize CIEM? 

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management is for organizations that use various cloud computing services for most of their data operations and work processes. Your organization might be dealing with thousands of employees who have regular access to your cloud.

In such cases, it becomes essential that you’re monitoring your employees the right way without adding on to the burden your IT professionals face. A CIEM solution is ideal for integrating enhanced security features, compliance, and other aspects onto your existing cloud platforms. 

Separating Duties

CIEM does a great job of delegating different roles to employees. When you have employees from various departments, you need to ensure that they have the correct permissions and oversight to other functions. Most CIEM solutions have separate roles for IT professionals, managers, and auditors. 

This way, different types of employees can have pre-set settings that ensure they can only see what their duties require them to. You can ensure that the ‘principle of least privilege’ is correctly applied to all your employees, and rest easy knowing that no aspect of your sensitive information will be leaked. 

Minimized Costs

Cloud platform services for businesses are no cheap venture and can cost up to millions for each business respectively. To ensure that you’re not paying any more than necessary, you have to estimate how much cloud space your company will require accurately.

However, getting this information is challenging and complicated when you don’t know how to start. However, by investing in CIEM, you can learn how many employees access the cloud and what’s being uploaded. 


It can be tough to get a general oversight over thousands of employees and their various cloud-based platform activities regularly. You may have to employ more employees just to ensure that your other employees are being monitored efficiently. 

You can ensure each employee has specific permissions set according to their designations or set default settings for employees from particular departments. You can ensure that quotas are being complied with and that auditor compliance is done through careful monitoring without logistical or software hurdles. 

Not only do you monitor at unbelievable speeds and scalability, but you can also get to remediating problems quicker when automated CIEM solutions detect and get to resolution straight away.

Integration into Existing Systems

When you’re looking for the perfect solution to integrate into your already existing solutions and compliance regulations, CIEM solutions are the only option. Whether it’s automated audit checklists or your SIEM solution, there’s no reason to wonder if your chosen CIEM solution will be able to handle it. 

Integration makes it easier for your employees to ensure that all processes are moving according to plan and that there’s no more workload for them. They can get the required information without delving into the details and intricacies of each data set. 

Find the ideal CIEM solution compatible with your existing framework to ensure a seamless transition and migration.

Protecting Thorough Security

Your cloud platform could be exposed to thousands of vulnerabilities, and that’s just in one day. Hackers are constantly coming up with ways to bypass your security measures, so you need to keep updating them if you wish to keep your data safe. 

When you want to ensure thorough protection for your cloud data, you need the best. CIEM will ensure that your defenses can predict where attacks can happen and how to protect your data from even your own employees.

Avoid making minor mistakes that can lead to costly repairs later on for your organization. Take the right step by implementing CIEM solutions to your cloud platforms right away. 

Principle of Least Privilege

If you’re looking to give your employees access to just the bare minimum, you need to ensure that it’s happening for all departments concerned. However, expending the human resources to do so can be financially draining. 

CIEM solutions will ensure that the principle of least privilege is being applied to all employees where necessary. This way, there’s no need to worry even after they leave, as their access will be revoked automatically. 

Investing in a high-quality CIEM solution will allow you to keep all of your cloud data well-protected from all kinds of risks, and at all times. 

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