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Lenovo vs Dell: Choosing the Right Laptop Brand

Whether you are working from your home or at an office, it is quite important that you have the right laptop. Even though laptops are much simpler to choose from when compared to desktop, there are still a lot of things to keep in mind before buying one.

In fact, other than their features and components, you also have to consider the brand that you are going for. If you are in the market for a new laptop, then you can find a lot of options out there. Two brands that are highly popular include Dell as well as Lenovo laptops that offer a wide range of options.

And while different laptop models from Dell and Lenovo will be quite different, it is still a great idea to check their overall differences.

Hence, we are here with a complete Dell vs Lenovo comparison. You can find all sorts of differences between Dell or Lenovo laptops by going through this comparison till the end.

Lenovo vs Dell: Things to Consider before Buying Laptops

Before taking a look at the wide range of laptops offered by Dell and Lenovo, you should first know a few things about laptops in general. This simply means to know the things that you should check before choosing between Lenovo and Dell laptops.

As you would expect, both Lenovo and Dell make laptops at all kinds of price ranges. And no matter what your budget is, you should consider the following factors when deciding whether you should go with Dell or Lenovo: 

Price Range

Whether you want a Dell laptop or a Lenovo one, considering the price of a given laptop is quite important. Thankfully, both Dell and Lenovo laptops are available at all kinds of prices.

And when compared to Dell, Lenovo offers even cheaper models making it a great option for buyers on a tight budget.

Although, if you want to go for a higher price range, both Dell, as well as Lenovo, offer all kinds of high-end gaming and business laptops with vast features and superb performance numbers. These are generally high-quality laptops in terms of their build quality as well as features.


Even though the design of any given laptop does not affect its performance, a lot of you would be interested in checking the same. Thankfully, both Dell, as well as Lenovo, are great laptop brands in terms of the laptop designs that they offer.

Other than standard laptops with a notebook like design, you can also find 2 in 1 laptops from these laptop brands. As for premium business laptops and gaming laptops, such laptops come with high-quality materials.

Performance: Intel Core i7 vs AMD Ryzen 7

It is quite important to ensure that you are getting a powerful laptop especially if you want a gaming laptop. And while there are a lot of things to consider, the processor of your laptop plays a major role in terms of its performance.

While affordable laptops may come with dual core or quad core processors, you can also find higher-end options from both Intel and AMD. This includes CPU models like Intel Core i7 and AMD Ryzen 7 where both offer excellent performance.

If you are going with a gaming laptop, then you should also consider checking the dedicated GPU of your laptop. You should look out for laptops with Nvidia Geforce GTX, Nvidia Geforce RTX, or AMD Radeon graphics card for an excellent experience while playing games.


You should also check the display of your laptop as it can affect your overall computing experience quite a lot. For choosing the right display, the first thing to consider should be the screen size.

This includes screen sizes like 13 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch, and even 17 inch where a larger screen size offers better immersiveness and smaller ones are ideal for portability.

Another thing to check while checking the display of a given laptop is its resolution. If you have the budget for it, a 4K display will look much better than a full HD one. Thankfully, whether you are going with a Lenovo laptop or Dell one, you can find both resolution options in either.

Battery Life

Whether you are using your laptop for productivity, entertainment, education, or for playing games, it is highly likely that you are also going to use it while on the go. This is thanks to the portable design of all laptops and their inbuilt batteries for powering all the components.

Speaking of power, it is also quite important to check the battery offered by your Dell or Lenovo laptop.

While gaming laptops may offer a limited battery life of 4-5 hours, business laptops can last for much longer at well above 10 hours as such laptops use 6 cell batteries in most cases.

Repairability and Customer Service

Even though the different laptops of any given laptop brand like Dell or Lenovo are certainly going to differ in terms of their features, they definitely have similar repairability and customer service.

Apart from service centers, you can also contact them on social media or check their recent posts on their social media handles for handy tips and FAQs. This is due to the reason that the laptop brand of your choice will offer the same after sales support with all its laptop models.

Thankfully, both Lenovo and Dell have a vast service center network. You can also find multiple extended warranty plans with most Lenovo and Dell laptops.

Dell Laptops

Now that you know more about both Lenovo-Dell laptops, you might be interested in checking all the various models offered by it. To ensure that it offers something for everyone, Dell offers multiple laptop models at different price options. And by checking the following popular lineups from Dell, you can definitely get the right laptop made for your usage:

Dell XPS

 Lenovo vs Dell: Choosing the Right Laptop Brand in 2022

Dell XPS is one of the premium laptop lineups out there which includes the Dell XPS 15, XPS 13, and even the XPS 17 now. Apart from the quad core Intel Core i5 processors, you can even get Intel processors like the Core i9 in this lineup for excellent power.

Other than high-end processors, you can also find various premium things like GPUs, 4K displays, superb construction, and much more which is to be expected at the given price of notebooks like the Dell XPS 15.

Dell Latitude

 Lenovo vs Dell: Choosing the Right Laptop Brand in 2022

Laptops like the Latitude are the perfect option for industrial usage thanks to the unique features offered by them. You can find things like fingerprint readers, smart card readers, durable construction, and much more which can be handy for industrial usage during extreme conditions.

Dell Alienware

 Lenovo vs Dell: Choosing the Right Laptop Brand in 2022

Since most PC games have a lot of demanding graphics, Dell has the Alienware lineup of notebooks that are perfect for gaming. While their price might be a little high, you do get high-end graphics and processor models for an excellent gaming experience.

You can find both Intel as well as AMD CPU models along with Nvidia and AMD graphics card options while buying an Alienware that are perfect for gaming.

Dell Inspiron

 Lenovo vs Dell: Choosing the Right Laptop Brand in 2022

Dell Inspiron notebooks are the perfect option for those who are on a budget and want something with a low price tag. Despite the budget price tag, Dell Inspiron laptops are great for everyday usage. While they may have basic graphics cards, you can also use these entry level notebooks for basic gaming as well.

Lenovo Laptops

If you are considering getting a laptop, Lenovo can be another great option as discussed earlier. And similar to Dell, Lenovo also offers various notebooks at different price ranges. With these various laptops, Lenovo offers different specifications and features making them ideal for different users as listed here:

Lenovo ThinkPad

 Lenovo vs Dell: Choosing the Right Laptop Brand in 2022

Lenovo Thinkpad can be a great premium notebook made for professional usage and in office space. You can expect to get one of the best keyboard and touchpad combos with this lineup. It even offers a great display, extensive connectivity options, and more making it highly versatile for most users.

Lenovo Yoga

 Lenovo vs Dell: Choosing the Right Laptop Brand in 2022

As you can tell by the name, the Lenovo Yoga notebooks are highly versatile and flexible models in terms of their construction. All of them come with 2 in 1 designs that allow you to use your Lenovo laptop as a tablet if needed.

Talking about the computing experience, these are thin and light notebooks made for on the go usage. You can consider them for entertainment or office usage since they cannot be used for gaming. 

Lenovo Legion

 Lenovo vs Dell: Choosing the Right Laptop Brand in 2022

Lenovo Legion is known to offer some of the most powerful notebook models out there. These models come with class leading processors and graphics cards that are perfect for gaming.

Whether you play games casually or competitively online, such powerful components are perfect for the same. While they might be a bit bulky with limited battery life, the gaming experience offered by them is surely worth it.

Lenovo IdeaPad

 Lenovo vs Dell: Choosing the Right Laptop Brand in 2022

Lenovo IdeaPad is yet another viable option if you are looking for affordable notebook models. It is quite comparable to the Inspiron lineup of notebooks because of their similar pricing and specifications. 

As a result, these notebooks are ideal for basic usages like media consumption, education, and simpler office tasks. Although, they might not be ideal for something intensive like playing games or running heavier applications on your computer.

Conclusion: Dell vs Lenovo Laptops

Upon checking all the various Lenovo as well as Dell laptops, you must have a pretty good idea about which one to pick for your needs. If you do not want to pay a high end price and want something more affordable, then you can find multiple options from both.

As for high end laptop offerings from Dell, they usually offer premium models with superb material quality and high performance numbers. On the other hand, Lenovo’s high end options can be great for playing games thanks to the powerful processor models used by most of them.

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