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Is Lenovo a Good Brand – See What Our Experts Say

If you are in the laptop market for a new computer for your computing needs, then you can find various brand options for the same. But as you would expect, different laptop and computer brands offer different features and options in their various laptop models. 

And because of their differences, one notebook brand might be better or worse than the other. While looking at all these brand options regarding laptops, you may even consider Lenovo and its offerings.

And in case you are confused about Lenovo and their laptops, then we are here to help. If you are also wondering that is Lenovo a good brand for laptops or not, then make sure to go through this guide till the end.

You can find all of the various factors and details regarding Lenovo and their laptops given down below for making sure whether Lenovo is a good brand or not.

What kind of Products does Lenovo Offer?

While this guide primarily takes a look at the large number of laptops offered by Lenovo, we will first take a look at the brand itself. Apart from laptops, you can also find other types of electronics items offered by them.

This includes products like computer models, laptops, smartphones, peripherals, accessories, and much more. In other words, Lenovo is a great all-rounder brand of modern-day tech products.

And as you will see later on this guide, similar to its high-performance laptops, its other computer and electronics options also offer both value and selection to the user in terms of their performance while having an entry-level price

Does Lenovo Count as a Good Laptop Brand?

We have given all the information regarding Lenovo and its notebook models down below. But, some of you would want to know just about the brand itself instead of the laptops it offers.

In that case, you will be glad to know that going with a Lenovo laptop is definitely a great option. Not only does it offer great value for money options, but you also get high-performance notebook models and series from it.

Since you can find a wide range of models for laptops, Lenovo also offers great tech support and service later on. Because of this, Lenovo is one of the biggest brands of good laptop models.

They even offer various other types of computer electronics which perform similar to their laptops. You can certainly find the right option for your needs at various price ranges.

What to Look for while Choosing Notebook Brands?

If you want to know if Lenovo is a good brand or not, then you will need to check much more regarding the same to ensure that its laptop models are perfect for your needs and requirements.

Whether you are going with a Lenovo notebook or any other brand, checking all their various features and options is quite important. This ensures that you will have a great experience with your laptop.

Hence, make sure to check out the following factors while picking the best laptop brand for your needs and requirements and to know more regarding is Lenovo a good brand or not:

Processing Power

Whenever you want to go with the best laptop brand out there, making sure that it uses powerful CPUs in its laptops is highly important. Due to this, Lenovo includes many kinds of CPU models in its laptops.

Depending on your budget, you can find Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, and other options. You can also find AMD Ryzen processors in modern Lenovo notebooks that offer similar power to Core i7 CPUs. 
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While looking at the CPU or the processing power of a laptop, making sure that it has multiple cores along with high clock speeds for the best performance. Such high performance CPUs include Core i7 by Intel and Ryzen 7 by AMD.


The graphics power of your notebook is one of the most important features if you are looking for gaming machines. To ensure that your notebook can run games, then it needs to have a graphics card.

For the same, you can find both Nvidia Geforce and AMD Radeon graphics cards. All laptop brands including Lenovo offer gaming laptops with dedicated graphics cards. For ensuring high end performance for both gaming and video editing, going with a high VRAM GPU is always great.

Memory and Storage Options

To ensure that your laptop runs smoothly at all times, having enough memory in it is also important. While entry-level notebooks may only offer 8 GB RAM, higher end models can come with 16 GB and even 32 GB RAM.

As for storage, it is quite important to have enough storage for your programs and personal data. You should also check storage type since modern NVMe SSDs perform much better than older hard drives.

Since you can run out of storage space in laptops, having storage update options is always a great idea. This can be done via storage slots which can be either replaceable or additional.


Since you will be using your laptop on the go, you will primarily use its inbuilt display and not a monitor due to which having a great display is quite important.

Starting with the display size, while a 14-inch laptop is ideal for portability, a larger 17 inch display makes more sense for productivity.

The resolution of the display is also quite important since a 4K display or a QHD display offers much better detail than a FHD display for media consumption and productivity.

Design and Build Quality

While looking for great laptops, you would also want to have a great build quality in terms of both the sturdiness as well as the design of your notebook.

And whether you are doing with a budget or a high end option from Lenovo, most of them offer great design. Since higher end models use metals and other premium materials, their build quality is also great.

You can also find other unique designs like 2 in 1 designs and foldable display laptops from Lenovo that are perfect if you want something that offers innovation.

Connectivity Options

To get the most of our Lenovo laptops, checking its connectivity options is quite important. Thankfully, most of their laptops offer a large number of physical ports.

For the same, you can look for USB ports, USB type C ports, HDMI port, DisplayPort connector, ethernet, SD card reader, audio jacks, and more. Thanks to innovation in modern laptops, even Lenovo’s budget laptops come with USB type C for high versatility.

Battery life

Since laptops are made for portable usage, having a long battery life with yours is also quite important. This is where Lenovo happens to be offering some of the best laptops with large batteries inside

You can either check the Whr rating or the battery life rating in minutes to ensure that your laptop offers a long battery life. Thanks to the inclusion of high efficiency AMD CPUs, not only business laptops but even gaming laptops from Lenovo offer pretty large batteries.

Warranty and Tech Support

Once you have bought a laptop, its after sales support in terms of warranty and tech support is also quite necessary to have. This ensures that your notebook can last for a long time especially if it has a long warranty.

Thankfully, Lenovo offers the best laptops in terms of longevity as their laptop models come with 1-3 year long warranty periods. Lenovo also offers great tech support in its service centers.

Price and Value for Money

While going with any notebook brand, it is also important to check whether it offers a good value or not. In other words, you should get the most of the price of your laptop.

Thankfully, most Lenovo laptop models offer great value to the user. You get high end components, premium construction, and great after sales support at a justified price tag.

Lenovo and its Best Laptop Lineups

Even though all of these factors are some of the most important things to consider to know whether Lenovo is a good brand or not, there is still much more to consider.

Therefore, other than the general features to consider, we are here with all the various Lenovo laptop lineups and laptop sub brands. All of these are made for different uses and price ranges.

In other words, if you are interested in learning about is Lenovo a good brand or not, then make sure to through the following laptop lineups:

Lenovo ThinkPad Series

Lenovo became a highly popular brand of notebooks and other electronics products primarily due to the Lenovo ThinkPad series. This lineup is known for its business laptop models. 

As for the current ThinkPad flagship, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is one of the best business laptop models for portable usage. Not only does the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 offer excellent power, but it even comes with the highly premium build quality.

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ThinkBook Series

Lenovo’s ThinkBook series is a fairly new offering by the company in the market. It offers a great balance between the IdeaPad and the ThinkPad series in terms of its internals while being on a budget.

Since ThinkBook notebooks are some of the thinnest models offered by this company, they are great for portable usage and business usage. Although, they might not be as premium as ThinkPad models as shown in various reviews.

Legion Series

Lenovo’s Legion series is the perfect option for those who want a gaming laptop for gaming on the go. These come with the best in class components making it Lenovo’s most powerful offering.

While these are not the best budget-friendly option, Legion gaming laptops are certainly great for both gaming as well as content creation. And since these are Lenovo’s high-end options, you can also expect a premium build quality with these.

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Lenovo Yoga Series

The Lenovo Yoga series is known for its innovation in terms of Lenovo’s laptop design. These notebooks come with 2 in 1 designs for placing the screen however you like which gives its Yoga name.

Lenovo Yoga also uses high-end materials for its sturdy build quality. And thanks to its powerful internals, you can get the most out of its high innovation design and form factor.

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IdeaPad Series

Lenovo’s IdeaPad is its entry-level lineup which is meant to take up against brands like Dell Inspiron and HP Envy. Thanks to their entry-level price and fairly powerful internals, they are quite popular in the laptop market.

These budget-friendly notebooks are great for both business use as well as gaming use depending on the configuration that you get.

While IdeaPad gaming notebooks are certainly quite bulky, their business models are still great for portable usage.

Pros of Lenovo Laptops

If you have decided to go with Lenovo over other laptop company options like Dell, HP and Apple, then checking its pros can be a great option.

Here are some of the major pros of the notebooks offered by this company:

  • You can find a notebook at almost any budget making them perfect for everyone
  • With its business notebooks, you can expect excellent battery life at all times.
  • Many of their notebooks offer highly innovative designs making them highly versatile.
  • You can expect excellent after sales support and service.

Cons of Lenovo Laptops

Just like any other notebook company out there, Lenovo also has its own cons which is certain by the negative reviews for its specific laptop models.

Hence, considering the following cons while going with these notebooks over other brands like Dell and Apple is quite important:

  • Some feature a very basic design which not everyone may like.
  • A few gaming laptops offered by them have poor power configuration for external graphics cards.

What are some of the Best Lenovo Laptops?

If you are in the search for the right notebook for your needs, Lenovo has certainly got you covered with its wide range of options under its different lineups.

Hence, here are some of the best notebooks made for different users and applications around the world that you can consider if you are in the search for the perfect notebook:

Those of you who are in search of a business notebook can go with the ThinkPad Carbon X1. You Get excellent features in a compact yet highly premium body while having an amazing keyboard.

Lenovo’s Legion 7 Pro is one of the most powerful gaming machines under $2000 out there with high-end AMD CPUs and Nvidia GPUs. It offers everything that you can ever need for all your gaming needs.

Thanks to modern AMD CPUs that offer high efficiency, the IdeaPad 5 happens to be a great entry-level gaming as well as a business laptop. Even with a thin form factor, it still offers a powerful yet low power AMD CPU for all kinds of uses and applications.

Lenovo and other Best Laptop Brands

Since laptops are used all over the world for all kinds of users, you can find all kinds of companies. This includes companies like Dell, Apple, HP, Asus, and others in different regions of the world.

And irrespective of your desired budget of laptops, Lenovo and its offerings are certainly a great option. When compared with other notebook companies in the world like Dell or Apple, you certainly get pretty amazing specifications and high-end power output.

Being a popular brand of notebooks, it also offers great tech support all over the world so you can get your laptop fixed whether it is under warranty or not.

Conclusion: Is Lenovo a Good Brand? 

Upon checking all the various details and information regarding Lenovo present above, you must have a pretty great idea about their notebooks and what all they offer to the user.

And based on all these details, it is safe to say that Lenovo is a good brand for sure. It offers all kinds of laptops which include both the best and worst.

But since most of its offerings offer a high value for money in both business laptops and gaming laptop options, it is definitely a great option for most.

So if you were wondering about is Lenovo a good brand or not, the simple answer is that it is definitely great and you can go for Lenovo laptops for all kinds of usage.

If you want more detailed information about Lenovo notebooks, then you can find various links on our site to their detailed reviews for easily picking up the right one for you.

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