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How does the Lenovo Tab12 Pro change the Odds for Tablet-PCs?

Tablet-PCs are highly functional computing devices, provided you get the right one to work with. Trust me; a subpar tablet PC can do more harm than good by restricting you on several fronts. But, let’s not even consider middling devices as options now that you are at Unslider.

Smugness aside, I shall now talk about a new tablet PC that has actually changed my perception towards these ultraportable products.

As a person who owns an iPad Pro, getting impressed by a non-Apple device isn’t a regular thing. However, the Tab P12 Pro from Lenovo seems like the perfect reason to pick a more portable tablet on the way, without having to compromise on laptop-like functionality. Also, there is Android in the picture but with a reasonably revamped interface that wouldn’t make you miss the Windows functionality. 

Why am I upbeat about the Lenovo Tab 12 Pro?

Lenovo has been one of the few OEMs to reshuffle its laptop, Chromebook, and tablet-PC line-up to address the proclivities of the new normal. Plus, despite being an Android-powered device, the Tab 12 Pro doesn’t even feel like a tablet, especially when I have already used Lenovo Tab M10, M10 Plus, and other tablets.

Even though the Tab 12 Pro isn’t yet available for commercial and personal usage, I have had the chance to get hands-on with the same, only to discover some interesting things about it. However, what amazes me the most is that it can easily give the iPads a run for their money at almost half the cost. 

The Specs Sheet

Here comes the fun part as the Lenovo Tab 12 Pro doesn’t feel like a tablet anymore with a 12.6-inch screen at its disposal. Remember that even the upcoming Duet 5 Chromebook promises a 13.3-inch screen, which in turn makes the Tab 12 Pro even more desirable.

But the main spectacle here is the availability of an AMOLED screen, which is bright, vivid, and capable of maintaining decent visibility levels even outdoors. Gaming and video editing have been prioritized here with the panel featuring an overall refresh rate of 120Hz.

Lenovo Tab12 Pro How does the Lenovo Tab12 Pro change the Odds for Tablet-PCs?

The 2K resolution or rather WQXGA complements the existing visual brilliance. However, this puts a few question marks on the battery life for now, but I will surely come around that later in this discussion.

Well, here I am with the battery details. Despite all that glitz and glory of an AMOLED screen, this tablet PC is more than capable of lasting for up to 17 hours, obviously based on the usage. I could churn out close to 10 hours while browsing the web, without a hiatus. What adds to the cards is the fast charging support, something that would have taken a lot of firepower considering the 10,200mAh battery in play.

What about the User Interface?

At this point, things get way more interesting for the Tab 12 Pro. Despite coming with the newest Android variant, Lenovo boasts a technology known as Project Unity. This feature would soon allow you to set a wireless point of contact between the Windows-powered Lenovo PC and this tablet PC. 

Lenovo Tab12 Pro How does the Lenovo Tab12 Pro change the Odds for Tablet-PCs?

Once the link is established, the tablet can be used as an extension to the PC, thereby making it easier to achieve portable professional productivity, sans the occasional kinks. Plus, here is yet another reason to consider the newest Lenovo laptops, which sure pack some deliverable punch.

What’s under the Hood?

The processing setup is one of its more impactful virtues, led by the powerful Snapdragon 870 processor. Despite being a bit underpowered as compared to the Snapdragon 888 it still manages to put together an excellent processing display, bolstered further by the availability of the Adreno 650 graphics card.

It’s pure hubris on the part of Lenovo to get in such an SoC thinking that it could match up to the performance of the iPad Pro. Well, it does partially but the exorbitantly priced iPad still holds the top spot. 

The internal setup is a touch more diversified with the Tab12 Pro offering two storage variants to choose from. The base model comes equipped with 6GB RAM followed by 128GB of storage space whereas the premium variant stacks in 8GB and 256GB, respectively.

How about the Overall Experience?

This is the point where I talk about the usability of this inventive tablet PC. What makes it work is the fantastic acoustic setup, led by the quad-speaker arrangement. Powered by JBL, you can expect exceptional acoustic output, something that is way more than a platitude. Lenovo seems to have thought this through by offering the exclusive audio tuning resource, more suited towards customizing the quad audio channels as per the user’s accord. 

The connectivity suite is well etched out, with plentiful resources expected to come to your aid, to ramp up productivity. Well for starters, the Wi-Fi 6 is a great addition followed by NFC support, GLONASS functionality, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, and more.

Lenovo Tab12 Pro How does the Lenovo Tab12 Pro change the Odds for Tablet-PCs?

But then, I am more than happy about the structural brilliance on offer as this tablet-PC is expected to be one of the sleekest 2-in-1s on the market. Plus you can also invest in a pretty high-end stylus i.e. the Precision Pen 3 from Lenovo that helps you unchain the hidden potential further rather than muzzling the device.

Also, with NFC in play, the pen can be charged and fed with usable data to work at its peak. Even though you would need to invest additionally for getting typing support, the Folio case with all its functionality, dependable keyboard, durable standard, and smooth trackpad qualifies as quite an investment. 

Wrap Up

 Rest assured that this high-end Tablet-PC will officially be in stores this October. As for the pricing, something north of $600 can be expected for a device loaded with HDR10+ viewing technology, Dolby Vision support, and 600-nits as the brightness level. What sums up is regardless of how you plan on using this device, the display won’t fail you. 

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