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New Asus Laptops in the Pipeline with Focus on Better Displays and Innovative Aesthetics

Asus seems to be having a field day as the computing arena is already upbeat about the presumed launch of two new, top-shelf laptops. Hailing from the ever-reliable VivoBook lineup, the new models will soon go live and are even expected to further the credibility of the existing VivoBook Pro variants, namely the Pro 14 and even the Pro 15.

Termed as 14X and 16X, the new VivoBook Pro models are loaded with innovative features and refresh the existing roster with a more balanced outlook towards work-from-home and portability. While I would be detailing every new feature on the block, what stands out is the inclusion of an OLED panel, on both these laptops.

What about the Standard VivoBook Lineup?

In case you haven’t had the option to look at the existing VivoBook lineup, the Pro 14 and Pro 15 are certainly worth looking at. Although they aren’t as powerful as the Pro X series that I shall be covering shortly, the specs sheet is still quite innovative, courtesy of Wi-Fi 6 standard, an extensive range of ports, including the Type-C, Type-A, HDMI, USB 2.0, and more.

Coming to the more prior specifications, these laptops are loaded with 11th gen processors from Intel or even 5th generation AMD chipsets, which are equally powerful. What is interesting to note is that you get H-series SoCs from Intel, which clearly reveals the impactful nature of these laptops, qualifying them as potential assets for programming, heavy computing tasks, and even gaming

Standard VivoBook Lineup New Asus Laptops (VivoBook Pro 16X) in the Pipeline - Unslider

Not that I have touched upon gaming, it is relevant to talk about the expected graphics configuration. The standard Pro lineup ensures the availability of dedicated graphics cards, with RTX 3080 being the highest possible allotment. The most premium model boasts 16GB of RAM, which seems more than sufficient for gaming and even creative tasks.

As far as display quality is concerned, these models throw in IPS and even OLED panels, depending on the money you are willing to shell out. Coming to the designs, the Pro 14 and Pro 15 comes in Cool Silver and Quiet Blue colors. The pricing, for now, is set at $749 and $919, respectively.

More about VivoBook Pro 14X and VivoBook Pro 16X

Both these laptops feature futuristic layouts, with weaved textured patterns and white finishing being the primary inclusions. But then, there are a lot of other accents in the works and you shall soon get a sneak peek once these laptops are listed on eCommerce platforms. 

I could get hands-on with both these new launches and was quite happy to see the massive display-specific improvements in play. The OLED panel is here to stay and looks rather exquisite with the 16:10 aspect ratio in play. However, it is up to you to choose between the 2.8K and 4K resolutions, based on the budget. 

VivoBook Pro 14X and VivoBook Pro 16X New Asus Laptops (VivoBook Pro 16X) in the Pipeline - Unslider

But then, the display-specific perks do not end with talks about resolution. Instead, the Pantone-validated panels boast 100 percent DCI-P3 color coverage, making it good enough for outdoor usage and even graphics-based workload. Asus furthers the innovation with thinner bezels and makes sure that the screens look bigger than what they are in real life.

  • But then, I am not even talking about the best bits. Both the 14X and 16X include highly functional keyboards, with dedicated DialPad in play.
  • This small yet resourceful enhancement sits atop the touchpad and ensures that you get access to the creative suite of Adobe apps, without having to set aside an exorbitant sum for the dual-screen models.
  • This rotary control feature sets you rather perfectly for the full-fledged hardware dial, featured on the top-shelf ProArt Studio book from the same OEM

The processing setup, without a doubt, can make several heads roll. The top model stacks in a processing powerhouse, with the Ryzen 5900HX leading the way. This chipset features the Zen 3 architecture, which paves the way for 16 threads to manage the processing workload. Therefore, you are better off deploying this laptop for some of the more demanding tasks like CAD processing, 3D processing, and more.

As far as graphics support is concerned, the premium model is expected to come stacked with the RTX 3050 Ti GPU, best known for managing some of the newest possible games without breaking a sweat. When it comes to gaming selection, the featured processing setup is good enough to handle the newest variant of the Resident Evil Village at QHD resolution with ease, and that too at over 40fps.

Plus, you can experience games with the Ray tracing functionality turned on, which might give you an edge as a professional gamer, especially for titles like Cyberpunk 2077, COD Black Ops, and more.

VivoBook Pro 14X and VivoBook Pro 16X New Asus Laptops (VivoBook Pro 16X) in the Pipeline - Unslider

However, what cuts it for the new laptop is the premium allotment of system memory, with 32GB being the maximum capacity for obviously the premium variant. With this type of configuration and obviously, 1TB of a solid-state drive, you can expect the device to be able to handle almost every workstation-level task.

Wrap Up

The first laptop to be made available is the VivoBook Pro 16X, which is expected to be priced at $1,399. However, the specs sheet certainly justifies the exorbitant price point and ensures that the device is good enough to be used for a wide range of tasks. 

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