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Useful Tips to Remove Scratches and Nicks from the Surface of Aluminum-Clad Laptops

Do you own one of the aesthetic HP Pavilion notebooks with brushed aluminum chassis or a pure aluminum-clad notebook from Dell?

Irrespective of the brand or the nature of aluminium covering, you must have encountered minor scratches, nicks, or bruises along the way.  But all is not lost as there are a few tried and tested strategies to remove these scratches from the laptop surface, precisely to reinstate the aesthetic appeal.

How about Guarding the Laptop in the First Place?

 Ho to Remove Scratches and Nicks from the Surface of Aluminum Laptops

Well, it isn’t always easy to protect a laptop in the first place. As for an aluminum-clad notebook, even wiping the surface can give a scratch or two, unless you are using the softest possible fabric. Still, when preventive measures fail, it comes down to fixing the issues, depending on the nature of the blemishes.

How do Types of Scratches determine the Fix?

Before you go hands-on with scratch removal, it is important to know more about the types of scratches you are dealing with. Regardless of how you maintain the device, scratches and minor blemishes will still show up. But then, if a laptop as pricey and aesthetic as the MacBook Pro encounters scratches, you are better off following a plan to immediately fix the more severe scratches, provided you know what you are dealing with. 

Minor scratches are easier to deal with. They are more like inconsequential abrasions that show up in time. Plus, you can simply use a microfiber cloth piece and some toothpaste to fix it for good. If you feel that toothpaste is a bit too sticky for comfort, a readymade scratch remover seems like a good choice.

Major scratches are more permanent. While applying household cream can lower the exposure of the cut by seeping into the depths, a good way to make the arrangement more enduring is by using metal polish that restores the original sheen, to a large extent. 

In-Depth Strategies to Remove Minor Scratches

Firstly, you must take heart from the fact that minor scratches dwell on the surface and aren’t dangerous. With that out of the way, you can now focus on fixing superficial scratches or rather hairline scratches to literally erase them from existence. 

While I did discuss toothpaste earlier, you should ensure that you do not use anything fancy but a standard one with a basic texture. As for the concept behind this application, toothpaste works as glue and keeps the scratched surface together. Plus, you would also need the microfiber cloth for wiping the area, especially to help the toothpaste seep in well.

Another straightforward strategy has to be the careful application of baking soda, which needs to be applied in a small quantity. However, you should not add a lot of water to baking soda as it might cause significant harm to the laptop. Still, you will have to dilute it a bit and the desirable ratio has to be 2:1 to create a paste, which then needs to be applied onto the scratched surface using a cotton towel. 

You should try not to smudge the paste and must blot the same for applying the same, uniformly. 

In-Depth Strategies to Remove Major Scratches

As mentioned before, major scratches are something that no laptop owner wants, especially when they can very well damage the interiors. Plus, these pronounced bruises are harder to get rid of, but you can still use a wide range of accessories and products to minimize exposure. 

For instance, the metal polish can be a good start and should be able to nullify the ghastly effects of a deep scratch, quite significantly. If the polish isn’t handy, you can further down the toothpaste approach by applying two coatings and letting it seep in. As the toothpaste starts drying up, the scrape barely remains noticeable. 

In case you plan on going all commercial with scratch removal, plastic polish is a good way to take care of the aluminum scratches. If you are inquisitive about the method, the polish contains oxidation inhibiting components, best known for keeping the surface from disintegrating further, whilst ensuring lasting sheen.

How to Avoid Scratches in the First Place?

Now that I have touched upon some of the basic and advanced strategies to handle minor and major scratches, it is time to chalk out a plan that would be able to keep scratches out, altogether. For this to become a reality, you must start taking better care of your device.

A good approach in this regard is to use a soft and gentle laptop cleaner. These cleaners come equipped with microfiber pads for keeping smudges and fingerprints out of the way. Plus, some cleaners even include soft brushes for taking care of the dirt and dust

Another preventive measure involves storing the laptop with care, especially when it comes to traveling with it. As a precautionary step, you must make it a point to keep the charger, keys, and mobile phone in separate components, to keep abrasions out of question. 


I have always been a big admirer of aluminum-clad laptops. However, maintaining the can get tricky as they are prone to scratches and blemishes. As per the mentioned suggestions, you can still restore the aesthetic value of these laptops even after they have been scratched, deliberately or unintentionally. Despite these strategies, I would still suggest in favor of maintaining the device better, especially by storing and carrying them with additional care. 

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